Heckers & Ceresota Canvas Tote Bag

Heckers & Ceresota Canvas Tote Bag

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5 of 5 Stars! by Susan Spence; Friday 08 February, 2013

ReaLLy LoVe tHe NiCe CaNvas Tote BaG !!!!! THeY aRe MaDe in­­A VeRy HigH QuAliTy and WaShAbLe MaTeRiaL. NotHiNg LooKs­­CheAply DoNe ON tHe BAG....YoU WiLL LoVe tHeM As MuCh As­tHe ­FLouR !!!! TheSe ArE HigHLy CoLLeCtibLe.!!!! WiLL­Be­Re-OrdeRiNg aLot MoRe !!!!

THaNks FoR MaKiNg tHeSe­­BaGs

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